Fani, Sava

In January this year I had a really bad fall on the road. I hit hard on the right side of my body, especially badly on my hand, which was badly swollen (palm and wrist). The next day everything was bruised. I immediately started to apply Smrekovit. I cannot even describe how the condition improved. My loved ones could not stop being astonished. The hand is almost fine. I'm still using Smrekovit, the results are excellent, thank you, thank you! Otherwise, the use of your products has been advised to me by my former colleague for arthritis in the knees, sciatica and pain in the neck part of the spine. I have been using these products for half a year and the condition has improved considerably. Before, I tried all the possible products.

Gordy, Senožeče

My friend suggested Smrekovit. It's really broadly useful ... I used it for stomach problems and it really helps. The pain, cramps have disappeared, now I use it every time I feel pain ... I also use it for ankle pain and the condition has greatly improved. My daughter began to apply it on pimples and they almost dried out after a few days. I'm still using it for bruises and after two days you almost cannot see them anymore... We are more than satisfied with the product, so thank you.

Marija, Ljubljana

I use Smrekovit for cramps in the area of the shins, the back and shoulders and it is very effective. I also use it for severe joint pain. I put the wrap on the painful area. The pain decreased significantly. I am very pleased with your products. Continue with your knowledge.

Edelfrida Frank, Ptuj

Without Smrekovit, I can no longer imagine my life. I have been using it for many years. It quickly helps me in the treatment of my airways. For pain in my joints and in the neck vertebra I have to use it for a longer period of time. When I use it on my joints, it holds for 24 hours. Smrekovit is a good ointment, useful for almost any problem. Thank you.

Nada, Ajdovščina

Let me briefly describe my problems that I am easing with Smrekovit products. I have arthritis in the small joints of my hands and arthrosis of the knee and hip. I know that no medicine can cure this, but I'm easing the pain with your Smrekovit products, which help me even more. I use it on a fungal nail that is being treated slowly but beautifully. It eases or completely cures the pain in my shoulder, so I'm very grateful that I found out about you and I've already passed it on to others.

Mariša, Polzela

I use Smrekovit on a fungal nail that is being treated slowly but beautifully. It eases or completely cures the pain in my shoulder, so I'm very grateful that I found out about you and I've already passed it on to others.

Anonymus user

For 19 years my lumbar spine has been aching. The doctor sent me at all possible examinations (to an orthopedist, rheumatologist, MR, CT ...). The results are always within normal levels, and the diagnosis is oversensitivity of muscles and the skeleton to weather conditions. Two years ago I slipped on ice and broke my tailbone and two lumbar vertebrae. This was followed by physiotherapy with a laser and magnet. It helped for 2 months. The pain was unbearable and I started getting injections. After 10 injections, I could not sit because of inflammation, and I could not get up at all by myself, and I can sit in my office even up to 13 hours a day. My mother started to put Smrekovit wraps on my back with Smrekovit three months ago. They help me to sit for so many hours. When I arrive home, I prepare the Smrekovit wrap and I leave it on overnight. The pain decreased by half.

Ksenija, Krško

I have been using Smrekovit for 20 years. In the family, we are very satisfied with the effects. We use it for colds, insect bites, joint and muscle pain, stomach pain and many more. The product means a lot to us. I wish you a lot of success with your work.

Alojzija Turk, Središče ob Dravi

I have been using Smrekovit since 1992. I cannot imagine that it would not be in the house. We all use it. Since my husband and I are older, it eases pain in the joints, muscles, spine ... It helps a lot with colds. You must rub it under your nose and on your nose. The discharge from the nose clears quickly. I also use it for a sore throat and inflammation in my mouth. In fact, it works great for almost all conditions. Thanks and a lot of success.

Štefanija, Bled

I have been using Smrekovit for about three years. Twice a day I apply it on my knee, lower back, neck and my feet, because I quickly get cold feet. I often apply it on my fingers on my hands. When I started using Smrekovit I soon noticed a relief from joint pain and especially in the lower back. My opinion about this ointment is this: considering the outcome and how precious it is, it is very cheap.

Anita, Rakek

I used Smrekovit when I had inflammation of the bladder and urethra. I rubbed it into the area of the abdomen and also consumed Smrekovit. The burning feeling while urinating was gone in a day, but I continued with the treatment for a few more days. I was shocked, because I usually needed antibiotics when having such pain. My husband also applied it on the swelling in the area of the teared tendon on his leg. Namely, when he started using it, the leg area where he was operated got infected and swollen. He healed this with Smrekovit in two days. I've already recommended Smrekovit to many people, I’ve described them my experiences and convinced them to buy it. It's really "miraculous".

Anonymus user

I use Smrekovit to ease the pain in the lumbar spine (hernia and vertebral wear). I use it twice a day. It improved after about two weeks. In the meantime, I interrupted the treatment twice for one day and it immediately got worse. I find it necessary to use it continuously.

Anonymous user

I am very pleased with Smrekovit. I have been using it for a long time. I apply the product and with regular use I ease the pain in my hip.

Marija, Slovenska Bistrica

I have joint rheumatism and my fingers and joints on my hands swell. For six months I was applying Smrekovit and the condition improved so much and the swelling disappeared, that the doctor could not believe it. I do not need to take medicine for rheumatism, when I start to feel pain again I start with a few weeks of rubbing therapy and the condition improves.

Ivanka Udir, Zgornja Besnica

I used Smrekovit spruce ointment for itching and burning soles. I applied it on the soles every evening, and the itching soothed immensely. It also helps me very much with the fungus between my toes.

Frančiška, Vrhnika

I am 80 years old and have a reflux disease of the gullet. Due to too much acid, I took different pills for acid, which in my opinion also caused constipation and very poor digestion. I consume Smrekovit for about two months, initially 3x daily, and now as needed. The situation improved immediately after taking it and my stomach was no longer burning. Sometimes I still feel burning pain, and then I take Smrekovit and the condition calms down. The digestion has also settled down and I feel very good. I also recommended Smrekovit to two acquaintances, and they both praised it very much.

Ana, Kamnica

I use Smrekovit for arthritis due to arthrosis. Twice a day I apply it and the pain eases immediately after a massage with the ointment.

Anonymus user

I have been using Smrekovit for a long time. I recently got a cold and because I did not have any medication over the weekend, I used Smrekovit several times in my mouth, and after three days I coughed out a lot of mucus. Also, on my leg I got paronychia, I applied Smrekovita and left it wrapped for three days. The nail is now healthy again. I will always use your products. I also use it for pain in the neck and hands, where it eases my pain. Let's go back to nature!

Jože, Orehova vas

Smrekovit is very effective for inflammation of the gum. For every inflammation (even in the mouth) I used it 2x daily. Also in the case of burns and insect bites. After two days the inflammation calmed down and disappeared after a week. We also send Smrekovit to friends in the Czech Republic.

Marija Frelih, Srednja vas v Bohinju

We have Smrekovit in the house for a long time. Everyone has its own box. But I also have very good experiences with livestock, in the case of beef cubs that get ear infections after being born because of cold water and are in pain (the ears are floppy instead of upright). Here Smrekovit is the only solution. We rub it behind the ears and the channel, and it's soon better.

Martin Cebek, Selnica ob Dravi

With Smrekovit I cured cold feet, calcium in the shoulder, pain in the knee, hip, spine, and lump in the throat that tortured me for many years. I use it for all kinds of problems, such as toothache, inflammation, wounds, headache, neck pain, in short, there are no problems where I would not use it. I use it in the morning and in the evening, if necessary also in the afternoon. In the first three days, pain usually increases, and then begins to decrease.

Jože Debevc, Maribor

I have back pain that began to intensify in 2005. Degenerative changes on several levels and spinal stenosis were diagnosed. With injections, visiting spas, physiotherapy, etc. the pain calmed down, but never stopped. I began to use Smrekovit on the 12th of January 2015. After a few days, I detected positive effects: the pain was milder, the pins and needles in the legs began to relax more each day. This is how trust in your ointment has increased. Unfortunately after seven days I got an allergy, a severe itching on my back and two days later a rash. Thank God, slowly this inconvenience is disappearing. It's a real pity that I'm among those who are allergic to this ointment. I thank you sincerely for our brief cooperation and help.

Ida, Radlje ob Dravi

I used Smrekovit for a wart on my back, which began to change its size. I used it 2-3 times a day. After a bit more than a month it fell off and the wound healed well. It eases psoriasis with regular use of the cream of at least 1x daily. I personally have diagnosed an incurable Rosaceo on my face. I use Smrekovit. The situation has improved so much that I'm not all red in the face and nose.

Franja Šara, Ptuj

I use Smrekovit 2x daily for pain relief in the spine and hips. I must use it before every work - garden work. When my daughter had sciatica, she applied the ointment and after three days her condition improved and did not repeat.

Darja, Ljubljana

With Smrekovitom I prevented bronchitis and in the case of inflammation of the ears I did not need to use antibiotics. I rubbed it on the back and chest of my daughter, and behind her ears and neck. I did that at least about 3-4 times a day. The situation improved within 4 days, and we were using it for up to 7 days. The disease has appeared, but in a milder form. I would add that this resin is great and I know many people who use your product for various problems.

Cilka Brglez, Ljubno ob Savinji

We use Smrekovit in our house for more than 15 years. Most often for various skin wounds, such as cuts or bumps. It also works well with a sprained ankle and the like. Such injuries are repaired 100% without complications. It works great for colds. This is already a family ointment. We have not tried any of your other products yet.

Adila Dizdarevič, Domžale

I used Smrekovit 3 times a day for painful leg joints. After three weeks of regular use and massage with the grease, I feel much better and walking is now much easier and more relaxed. Rating for the ointment and service is the highest - 10. Keep it up.

Veronika Matkovič, Dragatuš

We used Smrekovit on our nephew for warts on the face and arms. He was 10 years old. We froze them three times, but it was not better. When we bought your Smrekovit already around 1995, we applied it on the warts when somebody remembered to do it. Within 4 months, the warts disappeared and since then he doesn’t have them anymore. They disappeared gradually, after 4 months they were completely gone and did not reoccur. We also use Smrekovit spruce ointment for colds by rubbing it on the chest and under the nose. Thank you for your product. We have been using it for 20 years and I hope that we will continue to work well together. Have a lot of success with your products.

Jasna, Logatec

I used Smrekovit for pain in the throat and in the ears. Several times a day I rubbed it on the neck, through the glands, to the ears, for easier breathing, also under the nose and on the chest area. After two days, purulent clumps began to be excreted, and I was clearing for at least five days. I also used it for pain in the muscle, a few days, until the pain disappeared. Smrekovit is our first aid, always at hand, always with us.

Jasna Šantavec, Murska Sobota

My son has very often bronchitis, cough. It usually lasts a week or even more. And after another sleepless night because of coughing and consequently vomiting, I tried Smrekovit. I applied a thicker amount on a wrap and put it on my son’s back. To keep the wrap completely in place, I gave him a skin-tight t-shirt. I repeated this again in the night, and the cough almost completely disappeared overnight. Now he coughs only a few times a day, maybe 5-6 times a day (before he coughed 5-6 times per minute). The most interesting thing is that his lungs were "cleaner" this morning at the check-up. I would recommend Smrekovit to anyone who has cough problems. We have resolved the matter greatly, and the apartment also smells good. And thanks to Mr. Matic, who explained everything in detail to me, recommended the products and sent it expressly.

Angel Pucer, Ankaran

I burned my throat (gullet) with hot potatoes. I was healed with Smrekovit in two days. The burn disappeared within two days. With Smrekovitom I also healed the pain in my palm and joint, with a thorough massage. By morning, the pain completely disappeared.

Vojmir, Nova Gorica

I use Smrekovit for worn knee joints and spine as a result of top sport half a century ago. I apply it on the mentioned parts after training 3x per week 2x per day. After three months of using Smrekovit, the pain in the joints decreased so much that I can go back to the fitness and practice yoga, which is why I am very pleased. It also helped me with the treatment of a teared tendon in my leg and after an inguinal hernia operation.

Miha J. Saje, Facebook

I have known and used Smrekovit for many years. I can call it a miraculous ointment. This thing really works and is maximally useful. When spraining my ankle, the new cream (Ekstra) proved to be even more effective and faster rehabilitation.

Aleš Gros, Facebook

I have been using Smrekovit since 1990. Now, as a coach of Nordic Combination (NC) at the SZS, I also recommend it to our best competitors in this discipline. It works great as a regeneration agent the day before the match. And on the day of the match, as an additional local heating of the legs, which are the most strained during cross-country skiing. Even the new youth world champion MARJAN JELENKO in NC is using this ointment before each match. Without it, the legs quickly become heavy and burn.

Tadej Valjavec, vrhunski kolesar

I began to use Smrekovit when I was younger and was still cycling for Sava from Kranj. Considering that I ride around 35.000 km a year with the bike, and that injuries are very common during such efforts, I have to admit that since I am using Smrekovit products, I did not have any longer absences from active training because of injuries.

Tina Ponebšek, Facebook

I’m thrilled about Smrekovit Extra! I got it as a gift a while ago; on Thursday I twisted my ankle badly while rushing to the kindergarten and work, on Friday I had a severe swelling and couldn’t walk before the weekend working obligations of a tourist guide. On Saturday afternoon, the swelling miraculously disappeared and on Sunday, as if nothing had happened. I was treating it exclusively with Smrekovit about 3 times a day, but unfortunately it was not possible to include rest while having a child and a job. THANK YOU!!!!

David Primožič, world champion in telemark skiing 2003

As with any sport, I cannot avoid injuries in telemark skiing. I use Smrekovit products for every injury, because their composition makes it possible for the injury to heal itself faster and, above all, naturally. Whether it's a sprain, a hit, an inflammation, or just a sore throat, I always use them. They say that for each disease, a flower grows. For me it's enough that spruce trees grow. The ointment is really great, thank God for it!

Danica, Šentjur

I have been using Smrekovit for more than 10 years. We cannot be without it. We use it for everything. If it's dry skin, if something hurts, sometimes my knee hurts and I put a thick layer of the ointment on gauze, then I wrap it with a bandage, and I have it on the whole night and it's great. I do this consecutively for several days in a row and the pain is gone.

Matjaž Zupan, ski jumper and coach

Smrekovit products are one of the things I have with me on all my travels and trainings. They are useful during colds, for sprains, painful muscles and other troubles that threaten me and my team. Of all the things, I use them the most often, because they have no side effects and are very effective.

Bojan Mandič, Tržič

I use Smrekovit products for shoulder and knee pain and for fungus on my feet. The fungus has disappeared completely, the pain in the shoulder and the knee is smaller, the condition began to get better after one month, and since then it has only been better. I used it twice a day. I am very pleased. I wish you many more years of successful work because you are by far the best.

Lea Zupan, Facebook

As a Smrekovit user for 20 years, I decided to let you know about another example where Smrekovit really works. A couple of weeks ago, my brother burned himself on the exhaust pipe. The burn was about 10x5cm big. We immediately made a compress with the spruce ointment, which he regularly changed for the first few days, then he stopped with the wraps so that the burn was aired out and applying a thick layer of spruce ointment several times a day until the wound completely disappeared. After a couple of weeks, I remembered and checked what the situation was. I was surprised to find that not even a scar was visible! Smrekovit is definitely mandatory equipment in my home pharmacy!

Brane Grošelj, Slovenska Bistrica

For more than a month, my elbow hurt for an unknown reason. I rubbed it with all possible ointments, massaged, soaked ... I used Smrekovit three times a day and the next day in the morning again and 70% of the pain disappeared in one day.

Marija Arh, Škofja Loka

I used Smrekovit products for pain in my lumbar spine and sciatica in the left leg. I later also used it for my knees, because all my joints are worn out. I used Smrekovit once a day. In the evening after washing, I applied it on the skin of the painful parts and repeated for six to nine days. The pain disappeared within a few days. In the lower back, it is slightly appearing again, if it becomes stronger, I will repeat.

Vera Korenčan, Facebook

We use Smrekovit from the very beginning. It is indispensable both in the house for humans, as well as in the treatment or prevention of somatic cells in dairy cows. In addition to saving money for a veterinarian, the milk is useful because it does not contain antibiotics. We notice that the decline of the amount of cells is visible in a couple of days, we check this by checking the samples in a veterinary laboratory. We apply it on the animal on the udder, the tincture is better because it dries on the skin. For worse cases, we combine the grease and tincture. Since using Smrekovit it rarely happens that we have excess amounts of somatic cells.

Marjeta Cesar, Pragersko

I used Smrekovit products predominantly for pain in the spine, as well as for sore throat, joint pain, ear infections, cold, in short, everywhere, where there was some pain. In all cases, treatment was very effective. I used it two to three times a day, and with the pain in the lumbar spine I put on a warm cotton shirt, which additionally warmed me. After rubbing it in, I covered my painful throat with a cotton scarf and wore it overnight. I also often did this with my children, and because of angina and sore throat they never visited a doctor or needed antibiotics, because spruce resin healed everything in my children.

Smrekovit products are top quality for me and I have been using them for over 20 years. I recommended them to everyone who wanted to be treated naturally and they all accepted them as their best natural remedy. I always have these products in my bag for my needs and also for helping others; for me, they are golden products, I am grateful that many years ago I read an article by Mr. Ivo Konc "Resin does not dry out and work does not either".

Amina Dakić, Facebook

Hello. I recommend Smrekovit to all who have an allergy to the sun (in my case, itchy and stingy spots). I rubbed Smrekovit ointment on my skin in the evening. In five minutes, I was no longer itchy, in the morning, the skin was without spots, as if there was no allergy. Thanks Smrekovit!

Mirjana, Vrhnika

I am thrilled about Smrekovit. I hit my cheekbone on a corner. This has happened to me many times and I know that it is difficult to avoid bruises and suffusions. I used the Smrekovit spruce ointment and the next day there was only a speckle left.

Andreja, Šentjernej

I use Smrekovit products for pain in my knee and lower back part of the spine due to the nature of my work. I apply it in the morning and in the evening, the pain has disappeared after two months of regular use. Now I only use it occasionally, when there is still a slight pain during weather changes or during a lot of strain.

Alenka Oblakovič, Škofja Loka

I have stenosis of the spinal canal, degeneration and occasional inflammation of small joints of the lumbar and lower back vertebrae. The joints in this part of the spine are highly deformed, they press on neural roots due to stenosis, and each time I’m exposed to cold or severe vibrations, it causes severe pain from the source to the tip of the fingers. I also have a degeneration of the cervical vertebrae, all due to an inborn deformation of the spine. I use Smrekovit products for the inflammation of small joints of the lumbar and lower back vertebrae, I use it twice a day and cover with transparent foil. I also use it for pain in the neck, shoulder part of the spine. In the lower back section of the spine it already helps within a few days, but the real improvement is after one week to ten days. It helps with neck pain when I use it for several days in a row and the muscles and ligaments relax. Thank you for the gifts of nature that you transform for us into your products and relieve our pain with them. A lot of goodwill, business successes, and many good results of your work.

Goran, Velenje

I had a fairly large wart on the foot (1.5x2 cm), which reappeared after the already carried out procedure. Every night, I rubbed in a thick layer of Smrekovit and covered it with a cotton pad, which I fixed with an adhesive medical tape. After approximately 3-4 months it disappeared completely. I recommend it to anyone who would like to avoid a scalpel and has a lot of patience to get the desired result.

Jasna Jasič, Facebook

By far, it is the best and most versatile product that effectively and quickly heals even the more severe shape of allergy to the sun. Smrekovit is definitely an obligatory part of my home pharmacy. Thank you!

Jože, Radomlje

I have had intense diabetes (insulin 7x daily) for 43 years and have been using Smrekovit since the beginning of your production in 1990 to improve the condition of my skin on the abdomen, legs and diabetic feet. I use it so that I apply it in a thin layer in the morning and evening directly on the skin. This is the best prevention. I also thinly apply it after shaving. There is all too much propaganda only for pharmaceutical products, and not for natural Slovenian products. There is too little organization of Slovene healthcare!

Nataša, Šentjanž

I use Smrekovit products for chronic pain in the lower back (discus hernia) and in the neck part of the spine. I used it 2-3 times a day or as needed, occasionally, after rubbing it in I covered the area with a lower back belt. The situation improved in approximately 3 months, so I could abolish antirheumatics and painkillers from 1-3 times a day to occasional intake during more strain or longer forced posture. Problems still occur, but I mostly ease them with your ointment. When I wake up at night due to pain, I just apply it and in half an hour I feel better.

Goran, Vrhnika

I used Smrekovit Klasik spruce ointment for an open wound after surgery, for insect bites, cold ... I covered the wound with a gauze, on which I applied the ointment. It improved after two days. I like the ointment because it is natural because I can eat it and use it for many illnesses. I have been using it for at least eight to ten years.