Smrekovit received the award Best Buy Award 2016

We are proud to announce that the Swiss house Icertias (International Certification Association GmbH), based in Zurich, awarded us with the certificate for the 1st place in the category of "gel for the relief of sprains and dislocations", based on the survey among internet users in Slovenia, because of this result Smrekovit can use the prestigious award: Best Buy Award - number 1 in the best price / quality ratio. You can see the award on this link this link.

The survey was carried out by the Swiss in January 2015 among 1200 Internet users over 18 years of age in Slovenia. The question was open, which means that the respondents did not have any answers available, but they could themselves list producers who, according to their experience and / or experiences of their loved ones, offer the best price / quality ratio on the Slovenian market. Respondents believed that among all the products for the relief of sprains and dislocations on the Slovenian market Smrekovit offers the best price / quality ratio. The specific question to the respondents was: "Which manufacturer of a GEL FOR RELIEFING SPRAINS AND DISLOCATIONS, according to your personal experience and / or experience of your loved ones, generally offers the best price / quality ratio on the Slovenian market?" The largest number of respondents answered: Smrekovit.

The survey Best Buy Award of the Swiss house Icertias is, otherwise, carried out every two years, according to the directives of the International Code of Marketing and Social Research adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the European Association of Market Research Experts (Esomar).

Such a statement of trust from the Slovenes, as well as from your daily praise, gives us a new impetus for our work.