Spruce resin does not dry out and work does not either (interview with Ivo Konc in the magazine “Naša žena” in 1996)

We are publishing the only interview to which Ivo Konc agreed to, performed in 1996, which was prepared for the magazine Naša žena by Ms Danica Dolenc.

He says that resin, real, sticky and enticingly fragrant spruce resin sticked to him his whole life. For all the key illnesses that he had, he was treated with resin. As a baby, he was all covered in boils, and then his life was saved with Ihtiol, a resin from Russian slates. At the time there were no antibiotics.

At the age of nine, he almost lost his leg; on a rock he wounded his shinbone and the wound did not want to heal, the bone was rotting. At that time he was cured by the yellow Fajdiga unguent, based on resin. At the age of twenty, he had severe problems with his spine. If he does not go on an operation, they said, he will be on a wheelchair before his thirtieth year. Since then, he has not gone to the doctor anymore, he says.

He went to Prežla in Lesce, who chopped up your skin at the right moon, rubbed you with a black resinous ointment, covered the wounds with a linen cloth and wrapped it and the body started to heal. The folk healer took a liking in the young Ivo, who trusted in her treatment. "You know what, you boy, come again, and I will teach you how to heal," she said to him at that time. However, he did not go. Prežla then taught Torkar Tončka, who still heals in Lesce with chopping up. But Ivo has fond memories of Prežla. Perhaps it was even right that he did not go, because it was given to him that some twenty years later he invented his own resin ointment, the one that goes under the skin, into joints that help with so many human problems.

It was 1990. Ivo was injured in an area where the resin could not be placed. It came as a message: add to the resin this and that. He did so and the ointment was created, Konc's spruce ointment, which today is known all over Slovenia and extends far beyond its borders.

I will never forget the man who stormed into the editorial office of the Gorenjski glas and complained that they write about all the nonsense, but not about an ointment that miraculously helps people. An animal jumped on his foot in the barn and his foot was all painful, swollen, and he could not step on his foot. So he rubbed it with Ivo’s ointment and the foot was immediately better. It was a miraculous ointment, the man tried to convince us. Among the first to experience the power of the ointment was also Ivo’s neighbor, a seamstress who was keen to go on trips, and then she began to feel pain in her knees so that she could not stand on her legs the whole week. Several times she rubbed in his ointment and her knees again carried her around. And his boys, young ski jumpers, who he had trained for years in the Carniolan Triglav and in Tržič, trusted him more and more. A lot of coaches and jumpers got up. Of course, there were also falls and injuries. Without this, sports don’t work. He also started resin treatment with them. First, they laughed at him, but then it was becoming more and more common to hear: "Comrade, can you give some resin?" Even with greater eagerness he then cooked his ointment. The more messages and information he got about where all the ointment was helping, the greater confidence he had. The results surprised him again and again. »I did not even know how this was possible. Then I tried it on myself. When the ointment spread among people, I learned that they used to produce similar ointments in villages. Some even brought me recipes and I saw that they were very similar to my recipe. Some even added beeswax to it. But I did not retract from my recipe. I knew it was difficult to make an even better ointment. Within a few months, it went fast across Slovenia, even across former Yugoslavia. People from Macedonia, Dalmatia, Belgrade, Bosanski Novi, Split, and Sarajevo responded. Boys who served in the army took the ointment into their own towns. I also had to print the accompanying brochure in Serbo-Croatian. 'It's a magical ointment,' they said. But I say that we are all a great miracle, 'You helped me,' they say. I did not help anyone. Everyone healed themselves. I did not do anything else but picked up what already was, refined it, put it in boxes. What I put together is self-help for the organism to cure itself. It is energy that cannot be detected and measured with instruments. It's kind of a blood magnet. As the blood circulation in the lubricated area increases, the circulation is better, faster and all the physiological processes in the tissue are doubled, tripled; poisons that cause diseases, swellings get faster into the blood and are discharged more quickly. The way water cleanses the earth, blood cleanses the organism, the body.

The illness always arises where the flow of body fluids is too weak to carry away the poisons, which, however, are formed all the time with metabolism. Where there is a standstill in the body and these fluids are insufficient, there is inflammation, an illness settles down, there it hurts. These energies help the body to promote its own defense systems. Civilization has made these systems lazy because we do not expose ourselves enough in order to strengthen ourselves. And with medications, we infringe them, especially with antibiotics. Be aware: synthetic drugs are crutches for the immune system.

Today, for every little thing, we take an antibiotic. The immune system activates the bloodstream where the organism is attacked, but if this system is not lithe enough, sleepy, this does not happen. All alternative methods of treatment stimulate the flow of body fluids in different ways, but all of these energies are not as thin as they are in and are the discharged by trees, clay, herbs. The more this energy is an artificial product, the more it is foreign to the body, mechanical, and therefore less effective. Well, everything can be so easy....«

It's really simple. In the middle of our conversation, he jumped into the garden to close off the water that was watering the lawn. Just a wrong move, a quick jump over the fence and into the room, he returned all crooked. »Well, now you will be able to see live how easy one can help himself. A lot of times it happens to me that I make the wrong move, and because I am very sensitive in the spine, it gets 'stuck' like this. Just a little bit of the ointment in the right place and I have to 'pull' the backbone, and it will relax. «

He sat on a chair, crossed his legs in a cross-legged position, pushed his knees firmly apart, and slowly lowered his torso and head between his knees; he remained in that position for a few minutes and he was again straightened.

»My ointment is most often used for the spine, for the neck vertebrae. It is important that in the case of pain in the arms, it is rubbed into the neck vertebra, while for the pain in the hips on the lower back, even if it does not hurt. If you only rub it on your painful hip, you do not do anything. It should be rubbed along the backbone. It is very important that a reaction occurs and that it is very painful for about a day. The ointment is lately also used a lot for colds. Cold inflammation of the throat, muscles, kidneys, bladder, ears - all this is healed. Doctors also use this with their children, including therapists, physiotherapists and others. They also send a lot of patients to me - unofficially, of course.

Alternative medicine was first, science came much later. I think that alternative medicine should be at the service of people, whether it has a scientific character or not. Both should be complementary, help each other. If they don’t, only the patient is the poor wretch. However, you can sense a shift. But it's slow.«


It's really a big question: where do these gifts to individuals come from? I think that there can be only one explanation: everything comes from God. In my opinion, in essence, man is only a tool God uses to get others healed. That's how it is with all of us. If someone denies this, he or she is conceited, self-indulgent, self-sufficient. Anyone who is aware of this can really help people a lot - with a pure soul! Doctors, too! Each of us has talents, all this is a gift, not from us. Doctors are also called to help people. God has plans for us. 'You cured me!' they say to me. 'I didn’t do it. I just collected the resin, massaged you, God healed you, 'I say to everybody.

The turning point in my life, however, was the year 1989, when my son had a fatal accident. I myself was raised in strict atheism. Now when I think back, I realize that all key events are not coincidences. Everything is God's plan. With all our history, land, people. If you open up to it, you surrender, you are led by a feeling in a way that everything is right. Something happens, you do not know why, but it later turns out that it was right.

The way something said to me: "Go into the forest and get resin, do it like this and that." That's exactly how I did it, as this inner voice said, cooked it, tried to make it spreadable. It seemed like a coincidence. But today I know that it was not. It was for me, in that hard time after the death of my son, a hail mary. I never thought I'd ever do anything like that in my life. I was a professor of gymnastics, I taught in schools, trained young ski jumps ... Then came the message. Then it unfolded by itself. In order to have peace, I said to myself, I will have a little craft. I gave the ointment to the Institute of Social Medicine and Hygiene of Gorenjska in Kranj for examination.

People know it as Konc’s grease. With it I massaged soccer players from Naklo, young skiers, triathletes, runners, jumpers, motocross drivers, cyclists. There were also others. With each client I learned about more possibilities and ways of use of my ointment. People try everything possible and come up with feedback.


There must be a reaction. It has often happened that someone was using the ointment and because he was in severe pain, he threw the ointment away. You need to know: pain is an alarm! People would do everything, just so that it would not hurt. However, you cannot have treatment without a reaction: Every relief comes after pain. There is no medicine that would cure everything. My ointment works regardless of whether we believe in it. Evidence of this is the effects of treating children, animals. Yes, even for animals, people come to get this ointment. Many times mastitis has been healed, wounds, injuries.


In several herbal pharmacies and stores across Slovenia. It is best for people to find information firsthand to call me and I can tell them exactly what they need for their problem. They should get informed by phone.


I do not want to get rich. Nothing comes out of wealth. Look at how the world is turning. Everybody just wants to produce more, sell more, become rich, no matter how they pollute the environment, how they exploit nature. Vanity, greed - all this is negative passion we all pay. You cannot make an industry out of my unguents. We will not take anything with us, only good works. We also carry the bad ones with us, but it is better that we take the good ones. I do not condemn those who charge a lot if the product helps a person. However, how many such ungodly people are there who are charging, but do not care, whether it helps or not.

I'm glad if we have exactly the right amount of work. If you are being overwhelmed by it, it must show somewhere: either on me or on the quality of work. Resin does not dry out, and work does not either. I have only two hands. When my father-in-law was still alive, he helped me fill the boxes, distribute the ointment. Now my wife is helping me. We're both working at home and that's enough. I never exposed myself in my life; I worked more in the background, which was useful, good. Even as a trainer. Apparently, coaching was not my mission. As soon as something starts to ruin your inner peace, it is better to withdraw. Now I have my inner peace. Peace and time for my family, for mountains, for the forest.

Danica Dolenc



A lot, almost everything except diseases that originate from metabolic diseases and hereditary diseases. For example, it does not heal psoriasis, and also not cancer. It is, however, excellent for all the cold inflammations. Some say they even ingest it for severe angina and it heals the disease. It is great for burns, even sunburns. There are families who do not go to the sea anymore without this ointment. It also banishes fungus, herpes, warts, alleviates insect bites, purulent growths, wounds, bruises, boils, suffusions. The ointment is especially recognized for alleviating problems with the spine. We rub it on the area of the exit of the nerve from the spine and the painful parts of the hands or legs. It helps with menstrual problems by rubbing it on the stomach; it helps with infections in the mouth and sore gums. It even helps with headaches. It is especially good for handling rheumatic pain, gout, joint damage, such as sprains, pulls, bumps. Using it before physical activities, we can prevent cramps and muscle fever, as found out by athletes, and after activity by rubbing it on burdened muscles we greatly accelerates regeneration. Additionally, a detailed instruction is added to each jar of ointment. It also warns of an allergy that can occur when using this ointment; in this case, you must stop the therapy immediately. In any case, give the ointment one week to prove itself!